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FREE Wedding

Photography Offer

Let your guests spread the cost of your wedding photography by purchasing for instant prints.

Weddings are expensive, there's no disputing that, and as much as everyone would love to be able to afford wedding photography for the special day, some budgets just won't stretch that far.

Now, you could ask "your friend who has a camera" to provide you with free photos, seeing as they were going to be a guest anyway, but more often than not, the bride and groom ends up regretting their decision not to invest in capturing their memories professional.

Well, I have a solution. Let your guests pay for it, by them purchasing instant prints and footing the bill. 

  1. You, the engaged couple that's soon to be married, pay nothing for my  photography services, only a deposit to cover my time.

  2. Your guests, happy to support you and your big day, pay for instant prints from me.

  3. Once I've reached a certain quota, ie. sold £200 worth of instant prints (works out at 40 photos at £5 each), you get your deposit back. P.S. The average attendee spends around £10 on instant prints, meaning your quota will be easily reached.​

Every time a photo is printed, you will receive also receive a copy.

If our premium quote of £350 is reached, you will receive all of the photographs from the day on a memory stick.





  • Deposit must be paid in full at least 1 day before the booking date.

  • Quota and price per instant print will be individually assessed based upon number of guests in attendance.

  • This offer can is only available during weekdays or during wedding off-season (between the months of November and April)

  • Travel must be included, and will not be given back when deposit is returned. 

  • No other photographer or photography service (ie. a photo booth or a guest with a professional camera) will be permitted to cover the event, as this would severely impact on the amount of instant prints sold due to alternatives.


If you're interested in making a booking,

or require more information before making a decision, please get in contact with us via the contact form.

  • Payment will only be made to the referrer once the booking has been completed and is marked as satisfactory by the client.

  • Refer & Earn scheme can not be claimed in conjunction with any other deal/discount being offered by Studio NI Photography.

  • It is impermissible for referrers to advertise a price different to what is listed by Studio NI Photography.

  • There is no limit to the amount of referrals you can claim.