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Pay What You Can

For those within Corporate, Performance-Based & Cause-related Industries.

As much as I would love to give everyone FREE Photography for the love of providing a service and not the love money, unfortunately reality (and bills) doesn't allow it.


However, I've found a healthy compromise that allows me to provide a semi-philanthropic service to the world. 


Simply put, this January, for selected services only I will allow you to Pay What You Can.


As a creative professional and business owner that also loves charitable work that helps the community, I understand more than most that:​ Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Entertainers/Athletes, Influencers, Charities & Community Projects, as much as they would love to pay for photography services, their budgets simply don't allow them to.


So, whether you're super broke and need a headshot for your acting resume? Or even if you're a super duper rich but are still very frugal, from £1 to £1,000, you can pay what you want for a session for me. 



Looking for a Pay What You Can Studio Photoshoot?

This option is ideal for Business Professionals, Entertainers/Athletes, Influencers/Models or anyone in need of photography services that can be delivered within our studio.

Looking for Pay What You Can Event Photography?

If you're an aspiring Charity or a Community project in need of photography coverage...



​Regarding Professional/Portfolio Headshots:

  • Professional/Portfolio Studio Headshots will be shot at Studio NI Photography, located at Phoenix Square, 4 Midland Street, Leicester, LE1 1TG.

  • Availability: Sessions must be between 10am-10pm Monday-Thursday, 10am-7pm Friday-Saturday. Limited availability on Sundays.

  • ​Immediately after the session you will be asked to select all of your favourite photographs from the shoot. From your favourites, I will then choose mine, and from the photographs we both mutually like, you can select 5-10 to go home with.

  • If you would like more than the photographs that are selected, these can be purchased at a separate cost.


Regarding Coverage of Charity or Community Functions.

  • Coverage of Charity or Community Functions can be arranged but travel expenses covering the cost to and from the location must be covered.

  • Availability: Sessions must be between 10am-10pm Monday-Thursday, 10am-7pm Friday-Saturday. Limited availability on Sundays.


If you're interested in making a booking,

or require more information before making a decision, please get in contact with us via the contact form.