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Payment T&C's

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£50 Date-Securing


We like to keep things simple, which is why we ask for a small deposits of just £50 for any of the packages you choose. Once your deposit is sent, your date is completely confirmed. To find out more about deposit refunds, see the FAQ #14 at the bottom of the page.


Full Payment

7 Days Prior

We know some photographers want full payment 3 months before-hand, which is fine, but we know you will most likely be paying out so much around that same period, that we're willing to hold on a little to ease your financial burden.


Cash or Credit

Payment Method

We don't mind how you pay us, whether you want to bank transfer us the money, pay in instalments via direct debit, or discreetly give us a wad of cash in a brown envelope from inside your jacket; as long as it's the right amount, we're happy.

General FAQ's

Your prices aren't as expensive as most Wedding Photographers, why is that?

This is probably one of the questions I get asked the most, and it is understandable. Althought I respect my photography peers and don't deliberately set out to undercut them or their businesses, I much prefer to set a price that I believe is reasonable for me, my time, and my clients. I know there are some clients who believe paying more means you get more, which in some cases I would actually agree and say that a lot of wedding photographers that cost £1,000+ upwards are amazing, I'm even humble enough to say they are better than me. However, I do believe there are some cases where prices are inflated way above the quality they provide just because it's a wedding - and that's just never been my way of thinking. Not everybody wants to break the bank if they don't have to, and not everyone needs their wedding photographs to look like something out of a Vogue photoshoot or the Royals', and so my prices and packages often appeal to those that want great coverage of their day, at a decent price. Also, out of all the photography I do, Weddings and Events are my favourite, so it doesn't feel like work - even if I'm working hard to deliver you the best photographs I can. I have a full-time job as a Marketing Professional, so money isn't my sole reason for doing it, which is why I'm not too bothered about charging more for the service I provide. Maybe my prices would go up a little if this was my full-time job, but until then, I'm happy with what I charge.

Why don't you offer a second photographer add-on?

I think the reason for this is reliability. There are a lot of great photographers out there who are super-reliable, but I've heard of too many horror stories of no-shows or even inadequate quality/unusable photographs that you're still paying for. So because of that, it's easier for me to stick to who I can rely on, myself.

Some photographers offer a shorter turnaround period than you, why is that?

As answered before in the first question, photography is not my 9-5 so unfortunately, as much as I would love to spend more time editing the photographs to you in a shorter timeframe, I also wouldn't want to rush the process.
I know that you will be anticipating seeing them a lot, but I'm sure you would prefer to get your money's worth when it comes down to the editing process, as that is a big part of providing you with photographs that will last a lifetime.

Whereabouts are you based and how far will you travel?

Though I'm based in Leicester, I'm more than happy to travel anywhere across the UK and even abroad for destination weddings. This will usually incur an additional cost to cover my travel price, but even with that added on you will still most likely be spending a lot less than with some local alternatives.

Why do I get watermarked and un-watermarked photographs?

To put it simply, the watermarked photographs will be used on my online gallery but when you receive your high-resolution photographs, either via online download or memory stick, they won't have any watermarks on. The reasons why I watermark the photographs on the online gallery are for 2 reasons, firstly for protection purposes (you'd be surprised how many photographers steal photographs and pass it off as their work in this day and age) and secondly, some shameless self-promotion (sorry, not sorry) so that when you're sharing the photographs around, past and potential clients are aware of who took the photograph without having to bother you.

How will you be dressed if you are booked as our photographer?

Don't worry, I won't outshine your husband with my suave attire, or at least I'll try my hardest not to haha. For weddings, I try to blend in as much as possible, so I'll most likely be wearing a waistcoat, shirt, trousers and shoes, to emulate what the rest of your guests will likely be wearing.

I haven't seen much black and white photography on your site, do you do it often?

In all honesty, it's just not my go-to preference as a photographer, however if that's what you would like, I can definitely make that happen for you. I often pick a few photographs that I think would look good in B&W at my own discretion, but if after I've sent over the full album you have more photographs you would like in B&W, that's no problem.

If you have never been to the venues before, how will you know how to photograph it?

This is a tricky one, as no 2 venues are the same. However, as a professional who has photographed at hundreds of different venues, from dingy-dark churches, to very bright rooms, the photography kit I have with me is meant to combat those uncertainties. So to be on the safe side, I will do some research about the venues myself, either by looking at other photographs that have been taken at the same place, or visiting the place prior to the wedding, in order to get a better feel for the place.

Will we need to provide you with food on the day?

I can't lie, I do LOVE wedding food, it's definitely one of the perks of the job, and when working (which can be tiring being on your feet constantly) it is much appreciated if food can be provided. I'm not expecting the full works with dessert included, just whatever's available really. Many caterers will often do a ‘crew meal’ that they give to their staff, the band etc. However, if you are unable to provide me with food on the day, I'm more than happy to bring a packed lunch for myself. I mean, it won't be the same, but I will completely understand - no hard feelings.

We're not really big posey-picture-people, will that be a problem?

No, that's not a problem at all. I've had more than a few couples who are a bit camera shy and their modelling days are behind them. A majority of the day will be spent with me getting candid photographs of you and the guests, apart from the posed group family shots, photos with friends, and a selfie with me when you're ready. However, I also do have a few techniques to get some great portrait shots out of couples even if they are uncomfortable infront of the camera, as my previous experience working with first-time models and even my work with the Miss England pageant involves working with a lot of first-time models who need a bit of direction to get the most natural-looking photos.

What happens if you're ill on our wedding day?

Firstly (touch wood), out of all my years of photography, whether it be weddings, birthday parties or even nightclub bookings, I've never had to miss a booking due to ill-health. In the rare occasion that something like that does happen however, I'm part of several photography networks that do last minute emergency cover. And although many photographers don't/won't do this, I will cover and even pay any additional difference between my price and the emergency photographer's price, to ensure you get someone of similar quality to what I would have delivered to you.

If you take thousands of photographs on the day, why do we only get less than half? And can we pay you for the unedited ones?

Unfortunately, as accommodating as I am with most things to make my clients happy, I am unable to provide you with every single photograph I take on the day. I can assure you, that everything I've selected is everything you would need to see, and the ones that don't make the cut aren't ones that would be missed massively. Usually a photograph isn't selected because either it was a bad shot (yes it happens) or because it's a duplicate/very similar the photograph to the one I've selected. This is why I take so many photographs in the first place, I usually take at least 3-5 photographs of the same shot just to rule out any blinking/face-pulling, because you would be surprised how much can change in a facial expression within a split second. And if you're still reading it thinking, "so what? I'd still like to see them", then the reason why I can't send those photographs out is because I take pride in my work and it's like asking an artist to give their unfinished painting, and I have a reputation of providing good quality pictures to my clients to uphold. The last thing I need is people judging my wedding photography service off of a photograph that I wasn't happy with.
And if you're STILL thinking, "yeah but we won't show anyone else, it's just for us", or "we'll even pay you extra for them" sorry, but no will be my final answer. It's not about money, it's not about whether they do end up online/seen by others, it's just a pride in my work thing, and I hope you can understand that.

Does your editing include retouching with things like removing scars, airbrushing or making me slimmer?

Part of my service is that I always professionally edit every photography individually, adjusting tone, contrast, cropping etc, however I'm not a digital artist and so therefore my aim is to capture your wedding as close to how it really was on the day. I'm more than happy to remove the odd spot that tries to gatecrash your wedding, or even some small scars if you really want to (however, I'm a big believer in scars adding to character, so it's never my first thought to do this), I will only ever do so if requested, as long as it is requested before I have gone through the editing process, as going back to the album to edit out each one will take a longer time.

What if my wedding is cancelled or re-scheduled, do I get my deposit back?

Because we only ask for a very small deposit amount from our customers, unfortunately deposits are only refundable under extenuating circumstances such as if Studio NI is no longer able to commit to your date. If your date is cancelled completely, the deposit is non-refundable, and if it is re-scheduled, the deposit will be carried forward on to the new date. If however, we are unable to commit to the new re-scheduled date ie. if we are already booked elsewhere, £25 of the deposit will refunded.

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